Faraz Kaleem Malik

CS '26 @ UofT

The Trail Mix Factory order form | Faraz Kaleem Malik

The Trail Mix Factory order form

This ordering form, while made for a school project, was not made because we were being graded on programming, but rather as a solution for one of the problems we were facing in an IB course. The problem was that since we were in the middle of the pandemic, how could we reduce physical contact and proximity while still operating our business, and one of the solutions I proposed was this live ordering form. The live component comes from the POST request te form sends Google Sheets which I had respond by adding a row, but through inactivity I think that endpoint has be terminated by Google.

The live ordering form is built using GatsbyJS (which is an like a preconfigured version of React Static, and Material UI, which was a learning experience as I had never used a UI library before. Both these design choices were made so the form would be free to host (as it is still up now) and look professional.