Faraz Kaleem Malik

CS '26 @ UofT

Faraz Kaleem Malik | CS ‘26 @ UofT

Hello! I’m Faraz Malik, a Computer Science student at UofT Scarbrough. My interests include embedded programming, web development, networking, and sysadmining.

Example web dev projects:

UTSC Clubhouse: A MERN webapp for managing student organizations. Written over a 4 month term by a team of 7 following Scrum.

Simpl.ai: A webapp that uses Google’s Bard to rephrase difficult text. Written for Hack the Valley 7 @ UTSC, winning 2nd place out of ~100.

gocomics-api: An open source npm package which scrapes gocomics.com for image links. Since being published in 2018, gained 6 stars on Github, ~1000 downloads on npm, and successful pull requests.